Monday, April 9, 2012


I've had more comments to my article "ADDICTION" than to any other item I've published.

My husband and brother reminded me of a couple of other incidents to illustrate my addiction.

When I was a young married, we had a book case bed. I also had a small dorm-size refrigerator in my bedroom closet to store my Coke. I had to be able to have a Coke at any time! This is when we still bought BOTTLES and the refund was 2 cents per bottle. I was sitting in bed reading and I had a bottle of Coke setting on the top of the bed and when my husband plopped into bed, the bottle of Coke fell off, hitting me in the face; yeah, do you think anyone believed THAT story of my black eye?

When I was working at Shasta Beverages, obviously, I could not be dragging Coca Cola into the plant. All the "low-fills" (product rejected by QC for any number of reasons, but still consumable) were taken to the cafeteria refrigerator and we were allowed to drink all the "low-fills" we wanted. The company also allowed us to have one case per week, of our choice, to take home.

Every day, as soon as I left work, I stopped at the Marathon Station on the corner to buy a Coke. Imagine my embarrassment when one of my employees saw me getting the Coke. I will admit right now that I told him this story: I said that I had bugs on my windshield and I had heard that splashing Coca Cola on the windshield would get rid of them better than windshield washer fluid! After that incident, I went further down the road for my "FIX"!

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Anonymous said...

Why didn't you just keep a cooler in the car?