Wednesday, April 4, 2012


At International, in the 1970's, one of my guys asked if he could talk to me privately. He had custody of his daughter and he said that she had started her period and he wanted my advice as to whether he should take her to the doctor after so many days. I said, "Let me think, back in the Dark Ages, when I started, I think it lasted several days." I said, "Let me call Nurse Debbie and she'll know the answer." Nurse Debbie said that he should not worry.

I recall telling my mother that night that I knew that the world had changed forever when a man actually discussed his daughter's menstrual cycle with his boss. My mother was shocked and said that she couldn't imagine my father doing that. I asked if he even knew about it. Mother said, "Of course; you kept it secret from me for months; the only reason that I suspected was because you had no panties in the wash and then we had to get additional Modess!" (MODESS; I haven't thought of that in years; I wonder if they are still sold!)

I told her that I felt good that my employee trusted me and felt comfortable talking to me about it.

Recently, I arranged to have the daughter of a friend, paint our fence. She was supposed to start the work on Monday. The friend dropped by to see me on Saturday and we were together with another, much older, person. The friend said that his daughter was having a bad time with her period. I said, "Just tell her to start on Wednesday and tell her what my mother always said: HEAT PAD, MIDOL AND A CUP OF GINGER TEA and then up and at 'em!" He laughed and said that his daughter was a "wimp".

I could see the look of surprise on the older friend's face at the conversation. Later, I asked, "Were you surprised that he was talking about his daughter's period?" He said that he was shocked and that he never even knew when his wife was having a period. I said that I couldn't imagine that my father would have ever discussed it!

I said, "Well, the world has changed forever!" My older friend replied, "But not for the good." I disagree.

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Oh, and I was a KOTEX girl!