Thursday, April 5, 2012


For people who do not believe in Global Warming/Climate Change, please tell me what the Hell is happening.

Today I picked PEONIES! It's April and my peonies are blooming. This isn't right!

I can recall helping my grandmother get flowers ready to take to the cemeteries for Memorial Day. We always had peonies in the bouquets. We would cover coffee cans with foil and make the arrangements. She called it "Decoration Day".

She called them "PINE--EES" instead of peonies. Another old lady I knew pronounced it "PEE-OH-NEES"!

Although the date has changed and we now observe Memorial Day on the last Monday of the month, when I was a girl, it was marked on May 30, no matter the day of the week. Memorial Day meant that school was over for the year and now kids are still in school in June and we always started school the day after Labor Day, but now they start in August.

In 1968, the "Uniform Holidays Bill" was passed by Congress and went into effect in 1971. The bill changed four holidays, including Memorial Day, from the traditional dates to a specified Monday, in order to create a convenient three-day weekend. Several veterans' groups are opposed to the change of date of Memorial Day and legislation was introduced to change the date back to its original date, to no avail.

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Anonymous said...

My grandma called them pineys!