Monday, April 23, 2012


A friend became very upset because an elderly friend received a scam letter "from the Netherlands" asking him to send money and they promised to send a money order for a vast amount of money and a valuable ring. My friend reacted totally out of proportion to the situation. They took the letter to the Sheriff's office. Of course there was nothing the Sheriff could do about it because no laws were broken; the Sheriff said that if he received another one that he should bring it in and he'll "turn it over to the F.B.I." ["But it's 3 pages and she used the phrase "in God's love.", my friend exclaimed!).

I realize my friend was upset and projecting her own anger because she herself was a victim of a scam several years ago. I told my friend that those scammers buy lists from companies which run sweepstakes. Especially if one gives money to those sweepstakes companies, then the scammers believe those people would be susceptible to other offers. Her friend enters sweepstakes regularly and oftentimes sends money along with the entries.

These kinds of solicitations are quite prevalent on the internet and I guess that people actually answer them! I thought everyone just laughed at the "Nigerian prince" and the "Dutch diplomat" trying to con people out of money!

Gerald and I receive lots of solicitations and I know it's because of our donations to different organizations. I have told Gerald to quit sending money to The Eastern Paralyzed Veterans because we do not NEED any cards and I don't WANT any, although I am fascinated to see the backs of the cards which tell about the artists who paint with their mouths, elbows, feet, and toes! These cards end up, bundled, and sold in yard sales for $1.00. Having just finished our taxes, I saw that Gerald had donated $50.00 to them last year! We know that the Eastern Paralyzed Veterans have sold Gerald's name because they have the address erroneously showing "Ray Pole" and we receive other solicitations with that same error.

Currently, I am alarmed because the ONLY place that I am "P. Sue" is on my driver's license. The BMV assured me that they do not sell lists, but I have been receiving solicitations for products for OLDER people (now that REALLY pisses me off!)! When I receive solicitations to "P.S. Raypole", I know that Discover has sold my name! When I receive stuff for "Susannah", I know that a magazine which my brother gave me as a subscription (and because he sometimes called me "Susannah" when I was a child) sold my name!

During the Republican Primary Presidential campaign, I received a call from the NEWT GINGRICH campaign and of course they wanted money. I deliberately kept the solicitor on the line for as long as I could and it turned out to be thirty minutes. [As a person with a great deal of experience making political phone calls, I know the longer I keep them on the line, the fewer calls they can make! My record for keeping a solicitor on the line is 42 minutes!] After asking the solicitor numerous questions, she suggested that I go "online"; I told her I didn't believe in those "newfangled devices". Finally, she turned me over to her supervisor who was a wee bit smarter because when I kept asking about what Newt meant about enforcing the 10th Amendment, he said he would have Mr. Gingrich send me a letter. Yes, indeed, I received a letter from Newt telling me how much my support meant and a form to fill out to donate money!

How the Hell could THAT campaign think that I would be a likely donor? I finally figured it out: my American Express card is a Business Card and they probably bought the list of names of "business owners" from American Express.

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That's too funny about you and Newt!