Saturday, September 1, 2012


Because of Rachael Ray, we now say "EVOO" for extra virgin olive oil. The few times that I have watched her, she seems to use EVOO for cooking as well as salads. I had read years ago NOT to use EVOO for cooking as heat turns it bitter. EVOO is olive oil of the highest quality and is produced by cold-pressing the olives in a chemical-free process.

As we use a large amount of olive oil, I want to use the best olive oil. I have done a great deal of reading about olive oil. I even checked Consumer's Report to learn the best brand. It is stupefying to see the difference in prices of different brands of EVOO. Usually I buy Pompeian or Bertolli (they are ranked #1 and #6 in the accompanying article).

I use the EVOO for salads and I began blending dipping oils as I had seen in Italian restaurants. I use a cruet and put in the fresh sprigs of my favorite herbs to make the dipping oils. This is called "infusing". [Learn how to infuse oils with THE GOURMET FARM GIRL'S blog.]

Last year, as a hostess gift, a friend gave me a beautiful decanter filled with herb-filled dipping oil. Unfortunately, a guest dropped the decanter, breaking it, and I still have olive oil splatter on the dining room wall! I've been hinting for another decanter!

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