Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hearing my hacking, sniffling, and whining, Les asked, "Is it about time for your annual stress-related cold?" I said, "Well, it usually happens between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I have been working myself to a frazzle lately." He laughed, because I pronounced frazzle the way our grandmother always did: FRAHH-ZELL! I knew perfectly well the proper pronunciation, but somehow, saying it her way made frazzle more emphatic!

I've long known that there's a direct correlation between stress and depression and getting a cold. (See attached). I also know that the symptoms I have--sneezing, watery eyes, and runny nose--mean that I am getting well. That logic doesn't make me feel any better. Yes, I'm having a pity party!

Les came in the family room and asked, "Is that Vicks salve?" I said, "Yep!" He said, "I didn't think they sold it any more." As I was applying it liberally to my chest and UNDER my nose, he said, "YUCK, that jar's about a hundred years old!" I looked at the jar and the label was practically translucent from years of greasy hands grasping the bottle. I said, "It's probably psychological, but I feel better already." Les answered, "No, it's making you delusional!" I was covered in my big, warm, fuzzy blankie and when I uncovered to go to the kitchen, he screamed with laughter, "You're wearing flannel pajamas!" I am a nightgown-kind of girl and I wear pajamas ONLY when I'm sick. He said, "OMG, you have on Syracuse Orangemen pajamas!" YES, I did. Would someone expect Notre Dame pajamas from a descendant of County Tyrone stock?

Vicks VapoRub IS still produced; see the attached article telling other uses for my "wonder drug"!

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