Friday, November 30, 2012


I was watching Parenthood, one of my favorite television shows, and Gerald sat down to join me. Les came in just as a scene was showing Krause as his character Adam Braverman, watching as his cancer-stricken wife is teaching their Asperger's Syndrome-inflicted son how to dance. At least four emotions crossed Krause's face in the few seconds he was on screen in the scene. He should receive an Emmy for his performance! Les asked, "Is that a tear I see?" I answered, sheepishly, "Yes, I LOVE Peter Krause!" Gerald sighed, "Yes, I know!" (obviously he has heard me say it previously!) Les said, "I think the last time you bawled in a movie was Field Of Dreams!" I answered, "I read that Peter's mother was a cancer survivor; maybe that's why he's so convincing." (see attachment)

I began watching Parenthood solely because Peter Krause is one of the cast members. It has a sterling cast: Lauren Graham (whom we loved on Gilmore Girls, Bonnie Bedelia, Craig T. Nelson, and Ray Romano.

Peter Krause is a fine actor whom I had long appreciated and was thrilled when he starred in his first series Sports Night which also starred Felicity Huffman and Josh Charles (now on The Good Wife). That series was based on the ESPN sports program of Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann. Since then, I have watched several series because of Krause's being in them: Six Feet Under, Dirty Sexy Money, and Beastly. Before starring in those series, I noticed Krause, as he was featured on numerous shows such as Carol And Company, Spin City, Party Of Five, and Cybill. In addition to acting, Krause is also a producer and starred in the Broadway revival production of Arthur Miller's After The Fall. He was in Jim Carrey's movie The Truman Show. He is excellent performing in comedy as well as drama.

I'm old enough to be Peter Krause's mother!

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'Parenthood's' Peter Krause opens up about breast cancer storyline and his personal connection. "My father, we lost to cancer just last February, and just two months prior to that we found out my mother was diagnosed again. It's out there and it's around, so I kindly turned the other way when people were sort of dismissing this storyline as something that's so overdone on TV."

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Did you see the previews? Is Christina gonna die? What a Christmas show! ML