Thursday, November 15, 2012


I took my client to his dentist and after the appointment was completed, I went to the desk to get his appointment card for the next visit. The woman behind the desk was busy chatting with another woman sitting behind the desk. I stated, "He's supposed to come back in a week and we would prefer 2:00 PM or later." She made out the appointment card, all the while continuing her conversation with the other woman; she never uttered a word to me as she handed the card to me. The following week when he went to the dentist he was told not to take off his coat because he wasn't in "the system". Obviously, "Chatty Cathy" had not entered the information into their "system". The client was also told that his dental work was not "back from the lab".

I said, "Well, I'll just add these to my collection of The Three Oldest Lies In The World--Updated!" (see BLOG article HERE)

52. You're not in the system
53. It's not back from the Lab

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Anonymous said...

I cannot tolerate service people who do not pay attention! ML