Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Our cats were all circling around the family room door, with several lolling on the welcome mat, waiting for the appearance of "The Can Opener With Legs" (see BLOG article HERE). All of them (Louise, Puff, Sasha, The Professor, Einstein, Francis, and Spot) have abundant coats, prepared for winter, but Stormy and Polky have also gained considerable weight.

Les said, "I think we should change their names to the Koch Brothers."

I asked why and he said, "Because they are such FAT CATS."

The derogatory term "Fat Cats" used to describe wealthy donors to politicians originated in 1928 by Frank Kent, whose essay "Fat Cats And Free Rides" was published in H.L. Mencken's magazine American Mercury. Kent wrote: "A Fat Cat is a man of large means and no political experience who has reached middle age and success in business and finding no further thrill of satisfaction in the mere piling up of more millions, develops a yearning for some sort of public honor and is willing to pay for it. The machine has what it seeks, public honor, and he has the money the machine needs."

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Anonymous said...

Les is just so funny! ML