Monday, November 12, 2012


I enjoy the daily messages from URBAN DICTIONARY and have introduced a number of people to the site.

However, this morning, I received a "forward" of today's message (see below) with a single comment: "AHEM"!

Ahem? Hmmm? Could that message, perchance, suggest that I, myself, am guilty of the infraction of being a member of the "Red Pen Police"?

Despite opinion to the contrary, I DO NOT commit that egregious act! However, I am known to collect such examples and publish them under the heading: "CRINGE: FAYETTE COUNTY TALK".

In the preceding paragraph, I used the word "egregious", although I had promised my brother I would refrain from using it as I admittedly have overused it in the past. Since I've been a good girl for several months, I thought I might be forgiven for using it in a semi-self-deprecating way.

Red Pen Police:
People who preoccupy themselves with correcting the spelling and grammar of others - normally out of some self-esteem issue or desire to prove some value from their otherwise useless thirty-grand education.

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Anonymous said...

So, which are you--for "self-esteem" or "useless education"? LOL ML