Sunday, November 4, 2012


with Anu Garg

By the time campaigning ends next week, billions of dollars will have been spent to snag it: the job of US President. All those bucks for a position that lasts only four years with a salary of less than half a million dollars a year. But weighing the post by its salary is like saying that Olympic athletes sweat for years just to pocket a few hundred dollars worth of gold. The post of President of the United States carries immense power to make decisions that affect, for better or worse, people around the world. The effects of the actions of a president last for years. Even eponyms (words coined after someone's name) enter the language that reflect their legacy, such as Reaganomics, teddy bear (after Theodore Roosevelt), etc.

This week we feature words that may appear to have been coined after this year's candidates, but they have been in the language even before these candidates were born.

Enjoy these words, and don't forget to vote!

verb intr.: To walk about.

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