Monday, June 17, 2013


I was talking to a former schoolmate and she asked about one my brothers who is just a year older than she. She said, "I could always tell that he was a good person." I was stunned because she did not know him well. Yes, my brother is an exceptionally good person, but I asked "How could you tell; you did not know him very well?", and she answered, "He had a glow about him." I said, "He's always had a very nice complexion." She said, "No, there was a glow of goodness." (In the family, we call him "Mr. Clean", for more than one reason.)

She asked, "You know, when you meet people and sometimes you just know that they are good?"

I asked, "You mean he had an aura?" She exclaimed, "Exactly, yes, he had an aura!"

I immediately thought of a girl I went to school with; she also just looked like a "good person" and yes, she was a good person. I always thought it was her "peaches and cream complexion"!

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Humans give off trace amounts of light that gets brightest in late afternoon and dimmest at night.

The human body has been found to emit light, but in extremely small amounts, about 1,000 times lower than the sensitivity of the human eye. The process of the body releasing energy as light is known as bioluminescence. This process was once thought to occur only in certain animals, but researchers discovered with the use of cameras that were hypersensitive to light that human beings also emit trace amounts of light. The light intensity emitted from humans tends to operate in 24-hour cycles. In the late afternoon, the light tends to be brightest, and the levels are their dimmest at night.

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Anonymous said...

Let's see; let me guess which brother. I'm sure they all have an aura! ML