Thursday, June 13, 2013



Am I the only one who is irritated by the clerks in stores asking if I want to donate a dollar to the Miracle Kids Network or other such organizations?

It's bad enough that we have to endure panhandlers coming up to our cars at stop lights or those Shriners with their buckets, but now the store clerks are "guilt-tripping" me! Today I was in the Family Dollar Store and the clerk asked if I wanted to donate my "change" to a Kids Reading Program. Although that is a cause which is close to my heart, I resented feeling coerced! I told the Manager at Kroger that I did not appreciate being "guilt-tripped"!

And perhaps it's my imagination, but I think they raise their voices so other people in line can hear.

I usually ask, "Would I receive a receipt for that for my taxes?" When they aren't dumfounded they will usually say that it's on the receipt for the groceries. I'll say, "No, I would need a formal receipt!"

Once in a drive-through, I had 2 cents change coming. The clerk tossed the two pennies into the "Ronald McDonald House" receptacle right below the window. I said, "I want my change." She looked startled and said, "I put it in there", pointing downward. I said, "Yes, I saw that, but you didn't ask me; I need the money OR your manager." She got into her pocket and said, "I only have a nickel." I said, "Make change." She then asked, "Do you really mean that?" I said, "Yes, I want my 2 cents."

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Just checked my word for the day (thanks for enrolling me, by the way)and it is:
ANIMADVERSION (as I say, I looked it up in the dictionary and there was YOUR picture!)

ML (prosaic) that's yesterday's word; it describes me.