Thursday, June 20, 2013


In my "CROTCHETY" article on June 11, 2013, I used the phrase "PIN number"; my friend Arminta (a banker!) corrected my usage because that would be, literally, "PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER number". She was glad I didn't make the grievous mistake of writing "ATM machine" as that would be "AUTOMATIC TELLER MACHINE machine"!

Les said, "Have you checked your VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER number?"

There is actually a description for people suffering from RAS SYNDROME (REDUNDANT ACRONYM SYNDROME syndrome) or RAP SYNDROME (REDUNDANT ACRONYM PHRASE SYNDROME syndrome).

Les suggested: PNS SYNDROME for PIN NUMBER SYNDROME syndrome!

Among other pleonastic mistakes are:

HIV virus
SAT test
ACT test
APR rate
UPC code
ABS system
CAD design
AC current
DC current
PC computer
CNN network
ABM missile
DMZ zone
GOP party
LCD display

and my favorite:

AM in the morning!

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"pleonastic"--only you! ML