Friday, December 2, 2016


It is important to label all containers in one's house.

Getting ready for a party, I was checking the woodwork for smudges.  I keep a supply of cleaning products underneath the sink in the laundry room.  I grabbed a bottle from that supply;  it contained a yellowish liquid.  With a dust cloth I busily went about the house, spraying and dabbing the smudges. After awhile, I noticed that the product was not removing the smudges but that it also had an oily residue.  I sniffed the bottle and realized that I was NOT using "AWESOME" fluid but Avon's "SKIN-SO-SOFT" lotion!

Now the house smells like Skin-So- Soft!

Last summer I had bought a gigantic REFILL-size bottle of AWESOME because it was a much better buy in the large size and I also bought an empty spray bottle, fully intending to transfer 16 ounces of the 128 ounces into the manageable spray bottle but I failed to do that.

Underneath the sink, I also had a large bottle of Skin-So-Soft.  Gerald had been using the Skin-So-Soft as a mosquito-deterrent.  When he saw the empty spray bottle, he poured the Skin-So-Soft in the empty spray bottle and after using it,  put it underneath the sink in the laundry room.  He did not put a label on the bottle.

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