Friday, December 23, 2016


In Aldi's yesterday the clerk said, "Have a merry Christmas." and I said, "Thank you.", but I did not respond in kind.  The person behind me in line said to the clerk, "I'm glad you didn't say Happy Holidays like they are trying to force us to do."  I sensed that, for whatever reason, she was saying it for my benefit, rather than just as a comment to the clerk.

I had to respond to THAT!  I said, "Nobody is forcing anybody to say anything, but do you realize that there are at least seventeen holidays from Thanksgiving through the New Year from a lot of different beliefs and whatever people want to say I think we should all appreciate the inherent good."   I began to list the different holidays;  I began with Kwanzaa, then Bodhi Day, and The Prophet's Birthday, but when I said Chanukah, the woman said, "Yeah, I noticed your bag."  

The bag to which she was referring is emblazoned with the logo Jewish is My Hospital.  I received it from the Auxiliary at the hospital while visiting my brother numerous times while he was in the hospital there.

I responded, "Oh, this bag doesn't necessarily mean I'm Jewish;  it just means I cadged it from there!"

The clerk was very gracious and said she liked whatever nice things people had to say.

The woman said, "Then why don't THEY want to hear people say Merry Christmas?"

I asked, "Exactly WHO  is it that you think who are trying to force YOU to change?"

She said, "People like you."  Angrily, I thought to myself, "People LIKE me?" but I decided NOT to reply to her not-very-subtle anti-Semitic slur because I realized that the woman was beyond reason, logic, common sense, and etiquette.  

I knew any further remarks by me were futile, but when the Hell did I ever let that deter me?  I said, "Obviously you did not listen to a word I said as I was telling you that people wishing others ANYTHING kind was a good thing;  I think it's good to be ecumenical!" There was no further response from her.

 I finished  sacking my groceries, and she was at another counter, sacking her groceries.  As I was leaving, I said, with what I considered great brio,  "Seasons greetings!"  and began singing Winter Wonderland as I exited the building.

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