Saturday, December 3, 2016


Our friend Betty Weatherington died last week and her funeral service is scheduled for today.  I am reprinting this BLOG article from 2010.  It is titled:

                          "THE" BETTY FARMER

I was attending the birthday party of Jessica, the niece of my friend Lori. Lori introduced me to her neighbor Ruth and to Ruth's sister Betty. We sat talking for quite some time and I learned that they had been students at Bloomingburg High School. I asked, "What was your maiden name?" and Ruth answered "Hiles". I exclaimed, "Little Ruthie Hiles; you were a year behind me in school!"

When I asked Betty, she answered, "Farmer".   I asked, "You're THE Betty Farmer?' Lori said, "What does that mean--THE Betty Farmer?" I said, "She was our Homecoming Queen!" Betty asked, "What was your maiden name?" When I answered, "Shirkey", Betty squealed, "You're the little Shirkey girl all grown up!" 

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