Monday, December 19, 2016


When I was a kid I actually went OUTSIDE and played in the snow, but now I am perplexed as to WHY because there was always television to watch and books to read.  It was probably just to be with my brothers and their derring-do.  They built snow forts and had snowball fights, lobbing the snowballs over the fort walls.  The snow would always drift in the driveway and they would dig a tunnel to the road!  We played "Fox and The Geese", made snow angels and ate snow cones.

The brothers built snow-women and all of them would have ridiculously large bosoms.  They would put pieces of coal to represent nipples and a mop head to represent hair.  I wish I had pictures of them.

Mother refused to let the boys use any of her "brassieres" (as she called them), but one day we saw a red brassiere adorning a snow-woman.  My mother rushed out to snatch the bra from the snow-woman.  I didn't even know she owned a red bra.

Later on, after seeing the red bra, we noticed the "Frederick's Of Hollywood" catalogs and brown packages marked C.O.D. arriving. Those catalogs rapidly disappeared and yesterday my brother laughingly told me that the catalogs were all lovingly maintained at their fort in the woods!

When I was grown-up and my mother came to live with me, she was unpacking her "unmentionables" to put in the dresser drawer.  There were some beautiful pieces of lingerie.  She said, wistfully, "I don't know why your daddy bought all this stuff;  he hardly got to see me wear any of it!"  The items are still in the drawer, but it taught me a lesson:  I wear all of my "unmentionables"!

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