Friday, February 3, 2017


At a birthday party today, I was sitting with a male friend and as some of the people were leaving, one of the men said, "Aren't you glad you were able to see me?"

I was taking a drink at that moment and I did a spit-take; I asked my male companion, "Do you know that there are things that ONLY men say?"

He asked what I meant and I mentioned what had just been said and I continued, "Here's another: what can I do you for; no woman would say that!"

He laughed, obviously in recognition, and asked, "What are some other examples?"

I said, "Only men say are you working hard or hardly working and ever since Christ was a Corporal, but my favorite is when men are in stores and they see a male acquaintance they will ask are you going to pay for mine too?"

"When you say "Hi.", men will answer, "Not for a long time."

I swear I have never heard a woman use any of those conversational gambits.

I told him that I'd written a BLOG article entitled THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN  and that I'd mentioned that men seem to have a problem with small talk.

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Anonymous said...

"What do you have on?" I'll never forget the answer I got to that question! ML