Friday, February 24, 2017


I usually like the comments I receive at Sue's News, but I loved it when I received a comment from the historian Jo Paoletti whose book Pink And Blue, Telling The Girls From The Boys In America I used as a reference, although she corrected me! 

She responded to my article "GENDER-SPECIFIC" which was about the differences between the choices of pink and blue for babies.  I wrote that I thought it was because of the influence of the paintings The Blue Boy and Pinkie.

Although I certainly know that Sir Thomas Lawrence was the artist who painted Pinkie, rather than Gainsborough, I only used my flippant remark in the article rather than being specific; however, I am posting the correction pointed out by Paoletti.

This is Paoletti's response to my article:

Kimberly Christian-Campbell has an excellent article about Blue Boy and Pinky and the history of pink.  I didn't mention it in the book, but it is a bit of a modern urban legend.  The two paintings were not companion pieces or even by the same artist.  Gainsborough however, did paint a Pink Boy:

Link to the article:  http:///

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