Sunday, February 12, 2017


Today is the birth date of my hero Abraham Lincoln.  I have more than 100 books about Lincoln and today I am re-reading several slim volumes (Why Lincoln Matters by Mario Cuomo,

Lincoln's Devotional with an introduction by Carl Sandburg,

and his Great Speeches) to celebrate and honor his birthday.

I recall, when I was a youngster, there would be Lincoln Day Dinners and other celebrations put on by the Republicans.  It is interesting that they no longer align themselves with Mister Lincoln. 

I also recall that, in "the old days", Democrats would have Jefferson-Jackson celebrations.  It is also interesting that one seldom hears of Democrats celebrating those two supposed ancestors of the party.

Of course I always say that if Lincoln were alive today he would be a Democrat.  My brother disagrees and says he would definitely be a Socialist!

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