Sunday, February 5, 2017


Today would have been my mother's birthday.  She would have been 104 years old.  I went to the cemetery and placed some flowers on her grave although they will die in today's weather.  Les asked, "Why are you taking REAL flowers?"  I answered, "Because she hated plastic flowers!"

On the way to the cemetery, I played The Rose and other songs she loved.

I used to be upset when someone would tell me I looked "just like" my mother because I knew it was untrue.  I wished it were true and I knew that people actually meant it to be a compliment because everyone would always compliment my mother's looks.  My brothers would NEVER say it because they always reminded me that I look just like my aunt (by the way, NOT a compliment), but when my brother Norman told me, "You DO look more like Mom the older you get." I DID take that as a compliment.

My brothers and I often remind each other when we are "acting like" our mother and it's not always a compliment either!

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Anonymous said...

I remember your brother telling you that you needed to start saving for the face lift because he'd seen that aunt you look like! ML