Saturday, May 20, 2017


My brother bought a Kitchen Aid mixer and I soon had "mixer envy" because of all the assorted attachments with his mixer.  I didn't need a mixer;  in fact, the gleaming, chrome, Sunbeam Mixmaster and toaster I'd received as wedding presents were still in fine working order and looked quite nice in the previous kitchen, but a red Kitchen Aid mixer would look absolutely perfect in our strawberry-wallpapered kitchen, wouldn't it?   We still had my mother's Sunbeam Mixmaster from the late 1940s stored in the cabinet as a "back-up";  it was still working, although the speeds on the dial had worn off years ago.  

But if one has one red appliance, then all the others should match--right?  Thus, we now have all Kitchen Aid appliances:  mixer, toaster, blender, and coffee pot, but dammit, Kitchen Aid does not make a stand-alone can opener;  Kitchen Aid only offers a can opener attachment to use on the front of the mixer;  I had to settle for a red West Bend can opener which "almost" matches in color to the Kitchen Aid appliances.  All the old appliances were placed in storage to use at our political headquarters during election campaigns. 

Obviously I needed to have red Fiesta ware everyday dishes, didn't I?  It was very easy to convince myself.  Oh, and yes, I obviously needed that Fiesta canister set, right?

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