Friday, May 19, 2017


I wailed, "Oh, no, I've lost my best friend!"  I held up my Sunbeam heat pad with the control panel flashing "F".  After unplugging, plugging, and cursing, trying to get the pad to work, it was obvious that it was kaput! 

Gerald said, "It has a 5-year warranty;  let me check to see when we bought it."  He had purchased it new from Amazon in June, 2015.  We checked our file of warranties and there weren't any for heat pads.  I said, "I probably never sent in a warranty card."  

I decided to buy another heat pad.  Gerald checked the internet and after learning those prices, I went to a store to check prices and although the store brand cost less, I had a $5.00 "extra bucks" savings certificate;  I decided to buy another Sunbeam as I have favored Sunbeam products all my life and with the savings certificate, the cost would be the same as the Amazon price, and I could have it immediately.   

On the box of the new heat pad, it stated that there was no need to return an item to the store, but to call the 800 number.  As I had the documentation of the purchase of the old one, I decided to call and I was hopeful about the outcome.

The customer service representative asked for me to read the serial numbers from the heat pad and its plug and when I did, she said, simply, "We'll be sending a replacement within the next few days."

WOW!  Now THAT is customer service.

My dilemma:  should I return the new one to the store or just keep it in case "my best friend" conks out.  My brother said, "Keep it, you're Hell on heat pads!"

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