Friday, May 12, 2017


The 25th Annual National Association Of Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive will be conducted Saturday May 13, 2017.  One can leave a bag of groceries by one's mailbox or take to the Post Office.

I was leaving the grocery where I'd picked up a bag of canned goods to donate.  A woman was loading her car from two shopping carts.  I commented, "Wow, you have a truckload!"  She sighed and said, "My son lost his job and I'm trying to help him."  I made a few suggestions of resources for him to be able to get help.

She said that he'd been trying to put in applications numerous places.  I suggested that he might try my husband's firm.  She asked the location and other pertinent information and said she would tell him to put in an application.

I said, "I just happen to have an extra application in my car;  let me get it for you."   Naturally, she was surprised about my having applications.  She said, "Bless you, honey."

I explained that a friend's son wants a summer job and I told my friend I would be glad to get an application for him.  When I got the application, the guard said, "You should take two in case they make a mistake."

I believe in serendipity.


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