Thursday, September 23, 2010


In the 1970s, Gerald and I saw our first X-rated movie, "I Am Curious, Yellow" and on the same bill was a spoof of TV commercials called "The Groove Tube". One scene of the latter was a take-off of a Clairol commercial which showed a woman running through a meadow with her beautiful hair flowing in the breeze as a man was running to meet her. In the spoof the man and woman were nude and their body parts were swinging in the breeze.

When I went to work the following Monday, in the locker room, I was regaling the other women with graphic and physical descriptions of the scenes. When we went back to the manufacturing floor, each time I would turn around, one or other of the women would make a swinging motion with her hand to simulate a swinging appendage. Because of the decibel-level of the plant, we had a number of hand signals which we used to communicate.

I noticed the manager on the mezzanine looking down at the horseplay. After about the twentieth time of the demonstrations, I turned around and the manager was standing beside me. He made a swinging gesture with his hand and asked, "Could you tell me about this new hand signal?"

I said, "It means we're ahead of schedule!" He laughed and walked away. Fortunately, the horseplay stopped as they assumed I had received a lecture. At break, in the locker room the other women were eager to know what had transpired between us and I told what had been said. One of the women shrieked, "You said A HEAD?" Until then, I didn't realize I'd used a double entendre! After I had become a supervisor, I learned he'd asked one of the other women what the gestures meant and she had told him what it meant and that he should go embarrass me!

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Mona Lisa said...

More liberal education: I didn't know what a "double entendre" is. THANKS!