Friday, September 24, 2010


My friend wrote a blog article recently about STUFF (see "Gifts From Gail" at the right side of my blog) and I'm hopeful it will inspire me to do something with MY STUFF! My house is orderly downstairs, but I have one bedroom upstairs filled with yard sale items--my benefit yard sale was rained out in May--I should have donated everything to my beloved Goodwill, but I had every intention of having another yard sale!

I was channel-surfing and came across a show about "hoarders" and I gasped, because I understand how it could happen. I'm glad I have people visit regularly or I might fall victim to it! I actually wrote down suggestions from the advisors on the show! I have the 3 tubs ready: ones to SAVE, DONATE or THROW AWAY! Where, oh where to start?

We have lived here since May, 1984, and we have storage areas in the attic, the basement, above the workshop and also above two garages. I know what is stored in the attic and basement, because I go there frequently, but I have not set foot in the storage areas above the garages and workshop since 1984, and I remember a few of the things in there, but Gerald tells me all are packed. If I haven't "needed" anything from there since 1984, why the Hell do I still have the STUFF? After the election--and when the weather has cooled--I want to go to the storage areas to see what is there!

I'd like to have a garage sale in the winter and sell STUFF out of the garages, but I know that is an impossibility because there's a reason that all three of our vehicles are outside--the garages are full--I need another location!

I'm thinking of renting a place to have a sale! I've thought of renting a storage unit and having a heater there but Gerald says that's not a good idea--I need a building--so I'll give it some more thought after the election.

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Gail said...

Are you still planning your yard sale for October, before the snow? What about Rose Avenue Community Center where we had the Angels rummage sale? Indoors and heated with parking! To add to your STUFF, I have a load in the back of my truck now for your sale. I have been telling people who love yard sales and they are anxiously anticipating your sale.