Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My doctor uses a lab adjacent to his office to process his blood work orders. I had gone there previously and had had no problem. However, the last time, there was a new phlebotomist working. She had punched my arms several times and she said, with some irritation, "You must be a pop drinker!"

I answered, "GUILTY, but what has that to do with anything?" She said, "You should be drinking water--it's hard to draw blood from pop drinkers!"

I said, "The American Red Cross NEVER has any problem drawing my blood as I donate regularly!"

After the fourth time of her trying to find a vein, I stated, "That's enough, I'm going back to see the doctor!" Instead, I took my blood work order to our local hospital where there was no problem drawing my blood.

I received a bill from the original lab! I had been fighting paying that bill for three months! They threatened to turn it over to the Credit Bureau. Last week I presented myself to the Manager of the Lab and learned that the phlebotomist was no longer employed there! When I related my version to the Manager, it was agreed that the bill would be disposed of forthwith.

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Mona Lisa said...

I'm a pop drinker and I have never had a problem with drawing blood!