Thursday, September 2, 2010


I drove to Plain City yesterday and I wondered HOW I had been able to drive all those years to Marysville for work. I passed the "Flower House" which used to be quite lovely with all of the flowers so beautifully tended; there are still flowers there but now they are scraggly. I recalled the day of my seeing a petite Mennonite woman in the yard and I turned my car into the driveway; I got out and told her how much JOY her flowers gave me every day. She smiled sweetly and we toured her garden and she told me about all of her different flowers and how she had planted them according to size and blooming season. She told me that I could come back later in the year and she would give me seeds but that was in May and I left the job that month and did not return to the area very often. Today, I so wished I had returned to get some seeds from her!

That was a SHOULDA/COULDA/WOULDA moment.

One day I was driving through Bloomingburg and it was spring and I noticed that my grandmother's daffodils were blooming. I stopped and knocked on the door of the current owner of the house and I asked her if I could return in the fall to dig some of the bulbs and of course, I offered to pay her. She told me that I could have some of the bulbs and that I didn't have to pay. I am so glad I returned and got some of the bulbs; I planted them at our first house and this fall I am going to dig them and bring some of them here.

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skymetalsmith said...

Aunt Sue, One of the first things I moved to my new place was seeds. I am still collecting them! I am hoping that some evening I can plant some of them. In the meantime, they are safe and at the ready!