Saturday, September 4, 2010


A friend of mine was driving to Kansas to visit family and she stopped at a rest area before getting to St. Louis. Unbeknownst to her at the time, she left her cell phone there. She did not miss the cell phone until she stopped for the night on the other side of St. Louis.

The next day she received a phone call from a young man who had been on his way to Oklahoma to visit a friend and he had stopped at the same rest area and found the phone.

He had scanned the speed dial list and recognized the name of an acquaintance of his from Fayette County. He also recognized Fayette County exchanges (335, 333, 636, etc.)and was fairly certain that the phone belonged to a fellow Fayette Countian!

He dialed the last number called and it was the number of my friend's sister. She was able to tell him to whom the cell phone belonged.

The nice young man delivered the phone to my friend when he and she had both returned home! What are the chances of this happening? Two people from Fayette County, Ohio, going to different destinations, stopping at the same rest area, one finding the phone and the two of them actually KNOWING each other!

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skymetalsmith said...

6 degree separation theory? Stanly Milgram proved we are all just 6 links away from anyone anywhere. Pretty cool when it steps out of theory and into your own county though!