Monday, November 1, 2010



I have been quite fond of "Glee" and have watched it since the beginning. As Les tapes everything for me I just now watched the HOMAGE to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Boy, that took me back to the late 70's. I think Gerald and I initiated at least twenty teenagers to the Midnight Movie bashes of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". We would go at least once a month and take a different kid with us! Yes, we danced "The Time Warp" in the aisle, threw toilet paper at the screen, dressed in costume (I had to be "Magenta"--my favorite color!)--the whole schtick--we had no shame! What fun! We were the crazy ones with props:

Some of my favorite memories:

I subscribed to the Cleveland Plain Dealer so I would have "The Plain Dealer" to put over my head like Janet did when it rained!

Water pistols--to rain on Brad and Janet--thus the newspaper covering her head!

Rice: At the beginning there's a wedding and we threw rice when the screen wedding guests did!

Toilet paper--bought Scott toilet paper to throw when Brad yelled "Great Scott" !

Flashlights--to use when they sing, "There's A Light Over At The Frankenstein Place":

"There's a light over at the Frankenstein place,
in the darkness of everybody's life!"

Toast--when Frank proposed a toast--threw toast.

Confetti--when the Transylvanians threw confetti--we threw confetti!

Rubber gloves--When Frank snaps his rubber gloves and when Magenta took the gloves from his hands--snapped gloves at same time!

Party hats--when Frank put on a party hat, so did we!

Noisemakers--At the end of the Creation speech, the Transylvanians used noisemakers as did we!

Bell--when Frank sang, "Do you hear a bell ring?" we rang our bells.

Cards--when Frank sang "Cards for sorrow, cards for pain", we threw playing cards!

I loved it when the movie switched from black and white to color--just like "Wizard of Oz"; Riff Raff, "Dammit, Janet", Dr. Frank-n-Furter, Rocky, Meat Loaf's appearance, but my all-time favorite is dancing in the aisle with Gerald to:

"The Time Warp":

"It's a jump to the left,
And then it's a step to the right,
With your hands on your hips,
You bring your knees in tight,
But it's the pelvic thrust,
They really drive you insane,
Let's do the Time Warp again!"

Oh, Gerald, let's do "The Time Warp" AGAIN!

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Mona Lisa said...

I'd like to see you do the "pelvic thrust" again!