Sunday, November 21, 2010


Gerald seldom goes to the grocery with me, but he did so today as I am not competent to select cat food and HIS bananas!

As Gerald was sacking groceries in Aldi's, I noticed a person whom I know from Water Aerobics, further back in the checkout line, and she asked when I was going to return to class. She and I began talking and Gerald finished sacking and started pushing the cart toward the door. My Water Aerobics classmate asked, "Did something happen to your husband?" I asked, "No, why do you ask?" She asked, "Is that your brother helping you with the groceries?" I started laughing and said, "That's Gerald--he shaved!" She said, "Oh, I didn't even recognize him!"

Later, in WalMart, Gerald was waiting for me as I shopped. A guy Gerald went to school with came up to me and started laughing and said, "Gerald's out there waiting for you--I didn't recognize him--I thought he was a people-greeter!"

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Mona Lisa said...

OMG, she thought you were with ANOTHER man! That's just how rumors get started!