Sunday, November 14, 2010


When Gerald was at Kroger he said that he saw a woman bend over and he could see that she was wearing thong underwear but that she really should not have been wearing them as it was NOT an attractive sight. In conversation with a friend, I told about the incident and remarked, "I wonder when this "thong generation" gets older, incontinent and they are in nursing homes whether they will request thong DEPENDS." She immediately responded that she was going to apply for the patent NOW!

An interesting aside: I posted this on my Facebook account and received more comments than anything else I've ever posted! I even learned new terminology from our great-niece Aron: "whale tail" to describe the look! This goes along with "muffin top" and "camel toe" to describe unflattering results of poor clothing choices.

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Mona Lisa said...

I'm so old I remember that we wore "thongs" on our feet and we "flip-flopped" on issues!