Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Noel Coward wrote "Mad About The Boy" to express his feelings for Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. I am MAD about the works of Noel Coward AND Dinah Washington, the late, great jazz singer.

It's always difficult for me to choose my favorite Dinah song: "I Don't Hurt", "Teach Me Tonight", "Send Me To The Electric Chair", "This Bitter Earth", "September In The Rain", "That's All I Want From You", "I'll Never Be Free", "Relax Max", or her greatest hit "What A Difference A Day Makes", but this interpretation of the Coward classic ranks very high.

As a teenager, I found Bessie Smith's works because of reading liner notes from an album of Dinah Washington's homage to Bessie, and then seeking out Bessie's works. "WHAT A DIFFERENCE" Dinah Washington made!


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Mona Lisa said...

Thank you for introducing her to me!