Friday, November 12, 2010


I had read awhile back that Biblical scholars believed that the "apple" in the Garden of Eden had to be a pomegranate because apples were not indigenous to Mesopotamia. In a discussion with a friend who believes in the literal translation of the Bible, I mentioned the apple/pomegranate quandary. I quipped that I could see why there was so much trouble in the Garden because of the difficulty with eating pomegranates! (I also told her the problem wasn't the apple on the tree but the PAIR on the ground but she doesn't share my love of puns!)

I have never cared for pomegranates and think they are more bother than they're worth, but another friend of mine who loves pomegranates told me that Alton Brown had demonstrated an easy method of opening them and I would like them better. Kroger had pomegranates on sale 10/$10 so I bought several to give to him and he came to give me a demonstration.

I love Botticelli's painting of "The Madonna Of The Pomegranate" and of course pomegranates are a traditional food at Rosh Hashanah, but I still DON'T like pomegranates!

The French word for pomegranate is "GRENADE"; the syrup GRENADINE was originally made only with pomegranates from GRENADA, but the most fascinating tidbit to me is that HAND GRENADES are called that because grenades resemble pomegranates. Oh, those French have a way with words!


Mona Lisa said...

I remember your other PAIR/PEAR pun: "We're quite a PAIR--my Bartlett's and me!"

Derek Myers said...