Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A friend of mine just told me the most harrowing story. She said that for 27 years she has stopped in her car at her mailbox to get the mail. This week she stopped the car as usual, reached to get the mail with her left hand and her coat sleeve caught on the mail box handle and as she tried to use her other arm to loosen the coat, her foot slipped off the brake and the car started rolling forward. As the car rolled, her forearm became entangled in the mailbox handle and it began to rip the flesh of her arm. As her coat was attached to the mailbox and her body was being dragged by the rolling car, she could not get her foot back on the brake; she envisioned her arm being torn out of its socket. Fortunately, the coat ripped and she was able to free her arm. Fortunately there was no artery or blood vessel damage and she is recuperating at home. I told her I would tell the story as a warning to others to put the car in PARK!

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Mona Lisa said...

I have also done this for years, even though it's against the law; after all, I AM on the wrong side of the road; but I will NEVER do it again. This is a good thing for people to know: I'm e-mailing the article to all my e-mail friends!

You know, our bodies also change. Perhaps she doesn't realize but she might have lost an inch in height and that could be part of the reason she couldn't get back to the brake pedal as quickly as she might have 27 years ago!

She is indeed lucky she didn't have more damage.