Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Our Fair booth sets directly across from the booth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Every year for the past six years that I have been working at the fair booth, two different Elders work at the Mormon booth; this year one Elder was from Idaho and the other was from Utah. I always have nice conversations with the Elders. My five-great Grandfather was George Givens and George W. Givens, the author, wrote the definitive book on the tragedy at Nauvoo and I always initiate a conversation by mentioning that book and how I tried to find a genealogical link between my ancestor and the author. The Elders always then assume that I am Mormon because I know about Nauvoo and the book by Givens "In Old Nauvoo".

This year, one of my co-workers at the booth asked the location of the local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Neither Elder Cannon nor Elder Hill knew the location. I told them that I knew the location and I also said I would think that's the first thing they would want to know in coming to Washington Court House. They explained that they'd come from Columbus just for the day and nobody had given them that information. They set about trying to find the location and about every 15 minutes I would hold my thumb to my ear and little finger to my mouth (the international "call me" sign) to ask if they'd found the location.

Oh, sure, I should have just told the Elders the address but it was too much fun seeing the nineteen-year-old and twenty-year-old "Elders" grappling with the problem.

This bit of amusement lasted for about two hours until the end of the day when Elder Hill, who had been writing copious notes, came to our table and asked, "Is it 7 Fayette Center?" I replied that was correct. He said, "I had that in my notes but it didn't sound like an address."

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Elders that are 19 and 20?