Saturday, July 16, 2011


Today, in line at the grocery store, a man who was two people behind me started talking and he said that if he saw Casey Anthony on the street she would get what was coming to her. I could not hear the reply of the person to whom he was speaking, but he continued talking about the different methods he would use to exterminate her. The woman behind me joined in, as did the cashier, all in agreement with his vigilante posturing. If they hadn't been supportive of him, I would probably have remained silent.

However, I stepped away from my cart and said, "Excuse me, SIR, but you would be JUST as bad as Casey Anthony and probably WORSE because your crime would be obviously PREMEDITATED!" He practically screamed at me, "I wasn't talking to you, so it's none of your business." I said, "As a citizen, it is my DUTY when I have heard threats against another human being to report it--what's your name anyway--VIGILANTE?"

He started to come away from his cart but I did not budge. He didn't say anything else and it was then my turn to be checked out, but as I was leaving, I turned and said, "Eric Rudolph thinks he was justified in killing people also!" I know that he answered something but I was too far away to hear.

When I returned home, Les warned me once again that I must refrain from these set-tos because this kind of person might be "packing heat"!