Monday, July 11, 2011


A friend of mine was molested by her father and it began as she went into puberty and lasted until she eloped at age seventeen. She never saw her father again and she never allowed her two daughters to ever be around him. She has two older sisters but she believed that she was the only one abused because that is what her father told her. When my friend's younger sister was 12 years old, she told her sister what was happening to her. My friend called her two older sisters and learned that the same thing had happened to them. All four of them went to confront THEIR mother! WHY didn't they confront the father? WHY didn't they have him arrested? WHY had they ALL kept the secrets? This is my generation and unfortunately, none felt that they could bear the SHAME! My friend's sister never returned to her parents' home and was reared by my friend and her husband.

If I were Casey Anthony and my father had molested me, I don't believe that I would have remained in that household any longer than it would have taken me to escape! Furthermore, I don't believe that I would have allowed my little girl to be anywhere near one who had molested me. The accusation that Casey Anthony's father molested her is patently absurd. No matter how "dysfunctional" the family is portrayed, that strains credulity.

I heard one juror proudly state that the prosecution had not met its burden of proof and that there was no "evidence" of homicide; yet in the next sentence state that it "might" have been an accident. There was NO "evidence" presented of an accident; only the defense attorney expounding on that in his opening statement. The jury did not consider the evidence; but they obviously considered a brilliant opening statement by the defense attorney making wild accusations which were never proved.

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Mona Lisa said...

I haven't heard this argument on all the disgusting coverage!

I would bet if Nancy Grace had never brought this story to the public's eye there would have been a conviction in a quiet little trial in Orlando!

Unintended consequences, Nancy!