Monday, August 29, 2011


Every year I have this--the NO-NAME ailment--it's hay fever or some other allergy and it just makes me miserable. It's accompanied by sneezing, watering eyes, coughing and WHINING! I know that my HACKING is unbearable to the ears of the guys at my house but they tolerate everything EXCEPT the whining. Gerald said, "GO to the doctor." I whined an answer, "I know what it is; I'll get over it." Les chimed in, "Well, but the question is: WILL WE?"

I've said it before that my brothers have always said if I want to find SYMPATHY, go to the dictionary, because it's between SHIT and SYPHILIS!

Knowing I have no sympathy from the home front, I turned to my friend Patty who told me that when Chuck has it she calls it the "THE GRUNK" because "It sounds like GRUNK coming from his nether regions." [Honestly, I think she just likes the word "nether"]

Somehow--I feel amazingly better just knowing IT has a name--THE GRUNK!

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