Sunday, August 14, 2011


I have an acquaintance who introduces me as "My Democratic friend." I would never introduce someone as "My Republican friend". It happened again recently and when we were alone I told her that it was inappropriate to introduce me that way. Offended, she said, "Oh, I figure you're proud of it." I answered, "It would be the same if I said, "My Catholic friend", "My gay friend", or "My black friend". She didn't comprehend. I told her, "I don't have any Democratic friends although I do have friends who are Democrats." I don't think she ever got the point. When I told my brother, he asked, "So you didn't tell her you had any friends who are Republicans?" Touche, Les! I said, "No, I have family members who are Republicans!"

Recently the acquaintance and I were together at a gathering where we were supposed to show our favorite pictures of ourselves to our group. Several members brought wedding and anniversary albums and I had considered taking a collage of political pictures but thought it would be inappropriate. Instead, I showed pictures of myself taken at different phases of my work life.

All of us were sitting looking at pictures and the acquaintance stood up and announced, "Oh, Sue I know YOU would want to be the FIRST one to see this." and she showed me a picture of herself and her husband aboard Air Force One at the Ronald Reagan Library. This was obviously to goad me and I was certain that everyone there gleaned it also as she'd made such a dramatic announcement. I answered, "Oh, then YOU would be VERY interested to know that I MET Mr. Reagan when I was chosen to represent MY Company at the rollout of our first aircraft."

The woman's mouth literally dropped open and I continued, "But of course it's not a picture I'm particularly fond of!"

Although my "one-upmanship" was satisfying, I believe there's a time and place for everything and that place with that group was neither the time nor the place to try to goad someone with differing political views.

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Anonymous said...

But you ARE my Democratic friend!