Saturday, August 13, 2011


After reading my article on HEAD GASKETS, my friend Patty, who is 1 month younger than myself, wrote that she had STILL never seen a condom. Upon reflection, she wrote the following:

[I had a flashback after I sent you that. I lied. I forgot about the time we went with a friend and her husband to the fried bologna place (G&R grill) in Waldo. I went to the restroom and was shocked to see condoms in a machine in there. I will NEVER forget the name of them – Savage Bliss. I came out of there sputtering and gasping for air when I told my friend about them. Later, she went to the restroom, and bought the damn things, and we blew them up like balloons in the van on the way home. How could I have forgotten Savage Bliss?]

I wrote back and asked her: "Imagine--there's a person out there whose job it is to name condoms--why can't I have a job like that?"

"LUSTFUL LATEX" perhaps?