Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My mother never liked to used the scientific words for "private" body parts. As a youngster, as soon as I learned the "correct" names for the anatomy I would insist on using those words but Mother would always cringe at hearing them and would say, "Do you have to say words like THAT?" I said, "Mother, it's much better than tallywhacker!" One day we were talking about childhood accidents and my brother Kenny told about a medical questionnaire for the service and he said that he wrote that he had a scar on his scrotum from a zipper accident as a little boy! My mother shrieked and said, "You told them you had a scar DOWN THERE!" He laughed and said, "Mom, DOWN THERE just wasn't specific enough for the Air Force!"

My sister-in-law took her baby boy to the doctor after his circumcision, and she told the doctor, that she wanted him to check his little tallywhacker. The doctor said, "I've heard it called a lot of things, but never that!"

Mother loved Oprah and watched her every day and would always report about what Oprah had to say. I had only seen snippets of Oprah's show as I was working, but after Mother died I had Les tape Oprah for me daily and it was rather comforting to me to watch Mother's favorite. After Dr. Oz started appearing on the show, the first time I heard Oprah say "V-J-J", I was taking a drink of Coca Cola and I literally did a spit-take, coughing, choking, with liquid coming from my nose, and laughing, I thought, "Oh, that would have made Mother so happy to hear V-J-J for vagina!"

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Nope, never heard tallywhacker before!