Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Years ago someone asked one of my sisters-in-law when she was "expecting" and my sister-in-law was NOT pregnant. Because of that, I've always been very circumspect and have never asked that question unless the subject of pregnancy was broached by the one who was pregnant.

Recently, at a gathering, I was asking for volunteers for a campaign in the fall. A young woman said she would like to volunteer and I gave her a card to complete. She looked as if she were at least 6 months pregnant. She wasn't very heavy, but she was wearing sweat pants and a tee-shirt which fit very snugly around her abdomen and she had quite a protuberance that looked much bigger than a "baby bump"! Several other people had also wondered when she was expecting.

Because I thought she might be very uncomfortable or even be "POPPING" by September, I made the error of asking, "When are you expecting?" She said, "I'm not pregnant."

Open mouth, insert foot! I couldn't believe I'd just asked that question. I was ready to go underneath a table with embarrassment, but with great aplomb, she let me off the hook by saying she'd never lost the weight from her last baby.

Lesson learned!

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Mona Lisa said...

A male relative of mine did the same thing and he wouldn't go back to the store where the woman worked for fear of seeing the woman again.