Friday, August 5, 2011


At my bridal shower, one of the "games" was to make a bridal gown using tissue paper. The participants could use only paper and pins. It was cute AND humiliating. The bridal bouquet was also tissue paper and someone thought it was a cute idea to put inflated condoms to represent flowers in the bouquet! I had never seen a condom before and I naively thought they were balloons! The next day at work I was telling the story and that I had never seen a condom before. The women had all known me for years, so they had no problem believing me that it was true.

The next day one of the women said at break time, "Close your eyes and hold out your hand; I have a present for you!" When I opened my eyes, there were two packets--one with lime green and the other Tahitian pink--of condoms! I let out a scream and everyone enjoyed the prank. I showed them to Gerald after the wedding but he refused to "model" them! Those 40-year-old packets are still in my jewel box!

Gerald was working at my cousin's filling station and a man came in and said, "Hey, buddy, you're out of head gaskets in the men's restroom!" Gerald said, "We don't carry head gaskets." The guy explained to him that the prophylactic machine in the men's restroom was empty. HEAD GASKETS!

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Mona Lisa said...

HEAD GASKETS--what a scream!