Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A friend from whom I hadn't heard in a long time, called today and a few minutes into the conversation, she asked, "What did you learn new today?" I answered, "BULGARIAN BUTTERMILK." She reminded me that I used to say that I learned something new every day.

She asked, "Is that something real?" I told her that I had made beans and cornbread for dinner and my client and he said, "Boy, I'd like to have some Bulgarian buttermilk to go with that cornbread!" I said that I'd never heard of Bulgarian buttermilk and I went to the computer to be educated about it.

I learned that Bulgarian buttermilk is a version of cultured buttermilk in which the cream cultures are supplemented or replaced by yogurt cultures and fermented at higher temperatures for more acidity. It can be more tart and thicker than cultured buttermilk.

When used in cooking, Bulgarian buttermilk makes a richer product.

I couldn't find why it is "Bulgarian" buttermilk except that Bulgarians claim they invented yogurt and the Turks stole it!


Anonymous said...

So, can you get it here?

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