Monday, February 13, 2012


Recently, the movie "Diner" was named by "Vanity Fair" magazine as "The Most Influential Film Of the Last 30 Years". (see link below)

Gerald, Les, and I love the movie. Whenever I begin talking about the "flip-side" of records or any other similar trivia, Les will say, "OK, Shrevie" which is a reference to the character Shrevie in "Diner" because of his obsession with his records and the "B" sides.

Whenever we're discussing words, I will quote the character Modell: "You know what word I'm not comfortable with? Nuance. It's not a real word like gesture. That's a real word. With gesture, you know where you stand."

When Eddie asks, "You're making out--who do you prefer--Sinatra or Mathis?" and when Boogie answers, "I prefer Presley", I just howl!

We were having dinner with friends who are also fellow movie aficionados. With my meal I ordered fries and I asked to have the fries topped with gravy. One of the friends said, "You must have seen "Diner". I laughed and said, "That's where I got the idea!"

CLICK HERE to see "Diner - named the most influential movie of the last 30 years" article.

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Anonymous said...

"I prefer Presley." also cracks me up. What's the Gore Vidal quote about the great number of children who were conceived listening to Sinatra?