Sunday, February 19, 2012


When I told my fellow Waterford lover about the Waterford Bride and Groom piece which I had found on, he wanted to see it. I wrapped it carefully in towels and took it to show him. I held it up to the sunlight to view the hallmark. I said, "Even if it's a fake, it's beautiful and worth the $6.99 I paid for it." He said, "That piece would cost at least $300.00!" I said, "I looked on eBay and it was selling for $139.00." "WHY would someone donate Waterford?", he asked.

I said, "They probably have STEUBEN!"

I have always wanted a piece of Steuben and I learned that the company folded and now I'll probably never have a piece.

To read the story about Steuben, CLICK HERE.

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Anonymous said...

or maybe BACCARAT!