Friday, February 17, 2012


In Springfield recently, we passed a mall and I saw a business sign "Puff 'n Stuff". What would you assume it to be? A "head shop"? A cigar store?

Why do businesses have names which don't automatically let a person know WHAT they are?

Perhaps they think that a cutesy name is good business; I told Gerald that the businesses should know that most people would probably not spend much time investigating WHAT it might be, but Gerald said, "But you're asking about it!" I said, "But I'm not going to go back to see WHAT it is!"

The same day, we passed another place and it had "River Song" on the sign. Now what the heck could that be? I said, "Maybe they named it after the Alex Kingston character on Doctor Who." Gerald said that he doubted that they would know that River Song was a character! I later learned that River Song is a church; why wouldn't they have River Song CHURCH on the sign?

My Facebook friend Larry Chapman recommends a restaurant in Hillsboro named EAT. Of course I want to try it! That's the way businesses should be: OBVIOUS!

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Anonymous said...

What about that RIVERS place uptown?