Wednesday, June 13, 2012


In my BLOG article "THE THREE OLDEST LIES IN THE WORLD--UPDATED" (January 22, 2010), I wrote about the joke with that title, and then I added 50 lies which I had compiled during my 40 years in the workplace. I will be adding to the list: "Pencil you into my Blackberry" which was supplied by The Urban Dictionary.

May 30: Pencil you into my Blackberry

1. Having no intention of following thru on a date or promise.

2. A sarcastic way of accepting a date.

3. Accepting a date only to mock the requester.
Raul: Hi Jess, will you go to Hooters with me on Friday?
Jess: Sure, let me just pencil you into my Blackberry!
Raul: Really?!
Jess: Ew, no!

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Anonymous said...

So, tell us the REAL 3rd Oldest Lie--I don't want the cleaned-up version!